Effectual the natural way

Dedicated to those having tried everything else without practical effect

What is presented on this web is based on information given from above about HOW the human nature works on the practical level. 

   At this point of the human evolution, the information presented is what I personally consider the most fulfilling in terms of guiding us to the understanding of how we practically can get to live a life of real health and true wellbeing. Human-invented information, in opposition as it seems to me, is based on assumptions and interpretations of virtual truths and therefore has less or no practical effect. 

   Most of the time our mindtalks are rationalised imaginative ideals created by the human consciousness on the foundation of past experiences, and basically motivated by the natural desire of wanting to get to another level of understanding the truth. 

Every kind of human science is an observance of moving patterns, but such science will always end up with the conclusion that it does not know what controls the observed movements. Science can be very helpful explaining convincing logic assumptions to be experimented with, but will never get to speak the truth as the deeper cause behind everything remains unknown to the human being.

   It means there is risk involved if considering science as presenting evidential data, especially regard to growing or treating the complexity of living organisms, not knowing the real consequences of practically experimenting with just surface observations and ideas. Probably the reason for humanity taking the risk of such experimentation is that we do not feel confident with our given nature and what facilitates it. 

  • This website seeks to provide true guidance, by inspiring everyone to go safe and effectual the natural way.

The mind’s unnecessary ‘will-hearted’ wishes for premature manifestations could be driving the scientific misinterpretations and our growing confusion in society, for example within healthcare. 

   Despite we do not know the cause behind the moving patterns of the living nature, there is still hope for us in terms of getting to wellbeing though. The advice is:

  • Stay healthy, be patient and believe that our facilitating nature is controlling our optimal evolutionary movement.