05 Psychology

Unique Awareness Analysis

Opening To Uniqueness 

Stimulating Cognitive Sensing

Analysis on the Design of the person Alexandre


We are not to change people in the environments in which we live, but to de-condition and develop our unique Self on basis of how our sensory system stimulates our human cognitive potential.

   The expanding journey of our life offers to us the opportunity of mindfully opening up to a higher truth than identifying with our environment. This is an opening to operate from higher ethic principles, which make our human being highly relevant for those, to whom we can be a reflective capacity and an inspirational figure.

Alexandre's type of Awareness

Alexandre's mental mind operates from the concept of not discriminating anything. Neither does she compare which learnings to store, or how to store them; she simply uses the head for taking in inspiration of all kind. Like a sponge Alexandre's mind is open to everything, and therefore she benefits from learning in group environments and being present when the knowledge gets presented and the skills are demonstrated.


However, it is not really possible for Alexandre to filter all the inspiration, and therefore she easily can get overwhelmed and become a victim of conditioning. She has to be careful about what experiences she takes part in. Her mind functions as an unlimited storage room, and because of this receptiveness, she is not designed to plan strategically ahead in order to survive.​


The Constructive Personality Function 

As Alexandre starts to live her natural receptiveness, her mind shall gradually open up to the unfolding of her true Self. When reflecting over the enormous amount of environmental data coming to her, and only engaging with it when she deeply responds to it, her personality will begin to Self-identify correctly.

Unfolding her true Self Alexandre becomes aware that she is..

  • Having power available, but that she does not always know if she is ready to persevere when saying yes to the situations that she responds to. Until she gets to know if she really responds to what is actually presenting itself to her, she can have this uncertainty about whether she has the resources necessary to engage.



Our Self-worthiness will start to shine through when we get to look at the world through our specific personal view, and from this orientation begin to develop our unique awareness. The process becomes the catalyser for self-worthiness, and simply because:

  • It will lead to true Self-recognition when being aware and evaluating over our place in the worldly game from the correct perspective.

Step Cautiously

Step cautiously into every experiment and possibility you decide to engage with..

  • You benefit from always having a smooth transition into wellbeing.