05 Psychology

Mind Orientation & View

Mental View of Trajectory

A Life Trajectory of Distractions

The foundation of maturing is distraction

A Life Trajectory of Distractions

For Alexandre's personal orientation to stay on the most beneficial trajectory of development, the environments of the World distract her to start her life trajectory with looking at Communalists, and then later she will see separatists. It means she ends up with seeing who will survive as being separatists.

The Purpose of Distractions

What Alexandre sees (sense in anyway) is unconditionally generating new neuro-cell pathways in her brain, and these form references in her perception, making her able to identify the worldly reality in expanded ways. Eventually this mental process guides Alexandre to the inner sense, which is going to inform her about the truth of her intended mental development.

  • In order to liberate; everybody needs to go through a developmental process of being impacted by the dualities of the world.

Paving The Way For True Self-recognition

  • The impacting of the dualities is going to shape Alexandre's path of mental development during an early and a later life stage View. Together they facilitate the reference points for her to see what she is not, which again paves the way for true Self-recognition. Then, her unique awareness will start to shine through.

Alexandre's Early Life Stage View - Peace, Ideas, Rigor

Initially Alexandre reflects through the View that she is..

  • Someone who is designed to express what she has sensed, and to conceptualise it into new possibilities based on ideas.

  • Through her ups and downs of her experiential process sorting out what has been remembered, and hereby she is prone to remember what she really liked.

  • Experiencing through her sorting out of ideas, what become ideals, then beliefs and finally belief systems over time.

Alexandre's Later Life Stage View - Standstill, Caution, Purification

Eventually Alexandre reflects through the View that she is..

  • Having a natural caution keeping her silent until her mood tells her that she really do have something to say, as well as a unique transformative way of saying it.

  • Standing still, or contemplating a unique perception or feeling until she is in the mood to express it in a creative way, through poetry or music for instance, which gives her message time to mature.

  • Having her greatest impact on others as a "stranger of consequence"; like a performer, she translates and creatively expresses the joys and sorrows of loving and living, and then she redraw.

This Later Life Stage distraction of the world projected onto Alexandre, helps her to preserve her purification through rigorous withdrawal from negative social influences. Here she feels more naturally social when observing separatists instead of communalist, and how it can make herself better survive in the world.

Preparation for unique awareness

Both the early and later life distractions of everybody's perception and thinking themes, are distractions preparing our minds to open up for our unique awareness.

   It means we are not going to be like the distraction projected onto us, but it will develop our minds to accept a surrendering to what our expanding journey of life is going to offer - regard to awareness.